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Wanted: Aeonium haworthii

Aeonium haworthii
Do you have any in your garden?  
A unique aspect of our float this year will be the use of a particular succulent in a geometric design.  But we need to find enough  aeonium haworthii, to make the design work.  These plants are very common in the gardens in and around Sierra Madre, so hopefully you can help us.  Don’t cut your plant now!!  If you have some to donate, call the float barn at 
626-355-7005 or email us, with your name, phone number and address and we will come out and look at your plant. The picture shows a red edge to the “rosette” but we also want the all-green variety.  We will be ready for them in early December.  Now for the details – each “rosette” needs to be between 2 ½ - 3 ½ inches across and have an attached stem of at least 1 ½ inches.  We don’t want to destroy your plant – we just need a handful of rosettes from each one.

We have finishing building "I Think I Can", a float based on a concept that was submitted by three different designers.  We have turned the float over to the Deco Crew.
2015 SMRFA Float Rendering

Our Next General Meeting will be in January.  Date to be determined.  

Pot Luck Dinner will be on January 17th at 6:00.  All who helped build and decorate the float are invited.